Monday, January 16, 2012

A Friends Birth Day

Suit up Spider Man!!  HAPPY BIRTH DAY EDWIN ! May your special day be full of joy and happiness.It's been a while but i look forward to seeing you again buddy , keep up the good work ! And remember " With great power comes great responsibility "   ^_^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Money & Avarice

 And a wave of Avarice overcame the heart.The kind of feeling that one can not bare to part with . For a simple golden coin shall do it to some...The monarch of gold and silver await's...                
This is a quick sketch i did at work today and i thought i'd share it .This sketch will mean
                alot once " Heaven's Gate " is published ...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Important Children And A Fig

                                           The Two most important children beneth the Fig tree.
              can the very fate of men soul's be at stake ?Can the very fate of the world be at stake?
      The children are our future. For the world is intrusted to them as the old generation leave's the
                 next must step up to the plate. We past down all to our children , but what will the world they take from us be like ? that is up to the current generation to long and fight for the children of tommorrow. It may seem simple , it may be difficult , but tell me , who are these children ?

                                   this picture was inspired by one of Da vinci's painting's .

                          to my reader's and those's who follow my blog , stay tuned   ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Decisive Blow Michael ! A Fall From Grace.

A sketch i finished up today.
" heaven's gate" michael and lucifer.
Scene: The war in heaven ,climax:
this picture is paying homage to Guido Reni's painting of St.Michael's victory over lucifer.
if you enjoy this picture iam certain you'll enjoy Guido's piece as well.
 with lucifer's defeat comes a new age
the age of MAN.

stay posted reader's for more sketches and information on my series ,till next time...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome !

welcome all

 Welcome all to Ves blog!
Iam your host , Ves
This blog shall be the place were i , your host , will be posting images, news and information on my amature manga series " Heaven's Gate "

What is " Heaven's Gate " ?
Heaven's Gate is a copyrighten manga i have been working on for a few years now . It is a Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Adult and physiological manga series with quite a story to be told
I shall be talking more about my work as this blog continues.. stay tuned

meet Micheal of Heaven's Gate

Hello viewers
this is a sketch of one of the Arch Angel Michael.
the ( current ) most powerfull of the heavenly host.
oh Michael you trully are a force to be feared .with the tip of your sword soaked in the blood of your enemy , you stand tall and ready to defeat any foe in your path in the name of the most high.
  This sketch is the first in a line of sketches to be uploaded to my blog from my series " Heaven's Gate "

           LOOK FORWARD TO IT!