Saturday, October 8, 2011

meet Micheal of Heaven's Gate

Hello viewers
this is a sketch of one of the Arch Angel Michael.
the ( current ) most powerfull of the heavenly host.
oh Michael you trully are a force to be feared .with the tip of your sword soaked in the blood of your enemy , you stand tall and ready to defeat any foe in your path in the name of the most high.
  This sketch is the first in a line of sketches to be uploaded to my blog from my series " Heaven's Gate "

           LOOK FORWARD TO IT!


  1. I commented before but didn't pick up due probably from writing through phone. Really nice stuff... your line weight and variety is getting better.

  2. The Arch Angel Michael appears Strong and Regal. The slants in his eyes show me the emptiness of his prior battles. His pose and stance alert me to the truimphant victories he has won. When I look at him and the broadness of his wings and how detailed they are I feel the artist is trying to show me how well protected Michael can make me feel. The artist work is beautful. It takes the viewer into another realm. The world of the Arch Angel. Keep up the good work.