Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Important Children And A Fig

                                           The Two most important children beneth the Fig tree.
              can the very fate of men soul's be at stake ?Can the very fate of the world be at stake?
      The children are our future. For the world is intrusted to them as the old generation leave's the
                 next must step up to the plate. We past down all to our children , but what will the world they take from us be like ? that is up to the current generation to long and fight for the children of tommorrow. It may seem simple , it may be difficult , but tell me , who are these children ?

                                   this picture was inspired by one of Da vinci's painting's .

                          to my reader's and those's who follow my blog , stay tuned   ...


  1. Two children representing good and evil. What a concept. Most would not ever think in those terms. When I look at the head pieces on both children I see the one with the horns that I preceive as evil a boy. I think that is interesting that I preceive that particular child as a boy. Both children can really be either sex. Does my perception have something to do with how I think about good and evil and male and female? I don't know. Just thought it was interesting. This artist's work makes you think. And think I do when I am looking at Mr. whaley's blog. Your work is great as usual.

  2. Your modeling and rendering of form is getting better. Continue to draw from life to get a better grasp on form. Nice job on the concept and build characters and connections with each other. Great!